kitchen makeover near me

The Modern Kitchen The modern kitchen looks nothing like the kitchen of even a decade ago. With all the advancements made in technology, our appliances and fixtures are doing more than how much does it cost to upgrade kitchen cabinets they ever could before! Gone are the days ofhellip; For every $1,000 you finance, you'll pay about $6 more per month on your house payment. So that $25,000 kitchen costs about $150 more on your monthly mortgage payment. Because it's part of your mortgage, the interest paid is a tax deduction. Plus, it adds value to your home so when or if you decide to sell, those costs become part of your selling price. We donrsquo;t think *DIY kitchen remodeling* and *minor kitchen renovations* are what many of you have in mind when you think ldquo;kitchen remodeling.rdquo; We think you have in mind a whole kitchen remodel, with professional assistance, so you get the kitchen of your dreams, and thatrsquo;s what todayrsquo;s post will address.